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What's Here

(Last updated 26 September 2014)

See the new blog.

My new project is the game The Witness, which you can read about at this site.

My previous game was Braid, which you can find here.

Working on Braid, I wrote some simple code to use .mo files (which are for string internationalization) and decided to post the code here, for public use.

I've put up the transcript and slides from my rant at the Game Developers Conference 2006.

I've got a page of game prototypes that you can download and play. is the site for my programming language Lerp. It has not been worked on in quite a while. Maybe someday I will come back to it.  (14 February 2006).

Finished the Happycake project in Q1 2005.  The development log is still up.

I still have this page about inertia tensors for 3D bodies.

Not long ago I wrote the technical column, The Inner Product, for Game Developer magazine. 


Things I Like

This Tai Chi Video totally rocks my socks.

If you're a game designer, this transcript of Raph Koster's talk at Project Horseshoe 2006 is good to read.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology.

Brian Moriarty gave this excellent lecture, The Secret of Psalm 46, at the Game Developers Conference 2002.  (Actually, all of his lectures are good).

What is Science?, by Richard Feynman
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences, by Eugene Wigner
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics, by R.W. Hamming