Happycake Development Notes:
Player, City Assets
23 September 2004

We've got an animated version of the player mesh in the game, as well as some city assets (signs, ATM, stuff like that).  It looks good to finally start having some real-world-looking stuff in there, though we are really only at the beginning of that.  Here's a screenshot:


We don't have translucency in there yet, so you can't see the dude's face (his faceplate is supposed to be translucent).  You may notice that the shadows are nicer than in the last shadow update.  I'm actually in the middle of working on shadows right now and took a break to import some of the art guys' new stuff.  I'll be doing a new shadow update soon...

Here's a closer shot of the player:


Note the shadow artifacts (on his right-hand side, especially).  Workin' on those!

We also have the beginnings of some good stuff upcoming, that can't go into the game quite yet because there's still a bunch of programming to be done.  Check out this bot concept from Clay Sparks:


Is that cool or what.  In order to make that bot work in-game, we need to finish our robot construction and loading systems.  According to our plan, we will be working on those soon....


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