Happycake Development Notes:
Sparkimus Prime
9 November 2004

We're midway to modeling our biggest robot, codename Sparkimus Prime.  The mesh is done, but the physics properties aren't yet.  Nevertheless, I wanted to put him in the game and check him out. 

The dude is pretty huge, and that is going to be cool.  Yeah, there were huge guys in games like Serious Sam and Painkiller, but this guy will actually be fully physically simulated, so it ought to be more visceral.  We'll see how it goes.  Here are some pictures.... (Note: these were taken on my laptop and have poorer color quality than they would on the FX6800).



There are two other robots in the game right now, the tank which has been seen in earlier updates, and a smaller hexapod.  We'll see all of these in the upcoming gameplay video.

I think we may want to revisit the texturing scheme on these robots a bit to make them more visually impactful.  We're still experimenting with what the robot color scheme should generally be... our basic idea was that robots don't care about color or looking spiffy.  But I think we can do that and achieve a little more impact than we're getting here.


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