Happycake Development Notes:
Rough Demo Movies
11 November 2004

The company we're working with wanted a video demo of the game for a meeting.  So I figured, hey, let's put it on the web too. 

Please keep in mind that this is a very early demo.  It's just supposed to be a "Hey look what we're working on" kind of thing, not hype for a finished game.

The short version is entirely redundant with the long version so there's no need to download both.  The short version is here for people who want to get the basic idea without downloading 35 megabytes.

I had fun making these movies though it was a lot of work too.

Happycake Rough Demo #1,
Long Version


(35 megabytes, WMV format)



Happycake Rough Demo #1,
Short Version


(18 megabytes, WMV format)


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