Happycake Development Notes:
Normal-Mapped Robot Renders
31 January 2005

It's been a long time since a Happycake development update!  For a while we worked mostly on hardware-specific programming (we are targeting this game at a specific hardware platform), and that kind of work doesn't produce much in the way of visible results for a web page.  But also, we had some vacation time going on, as well as the inevitable flakiness of getting out of the habit of putting stuff on the web.

We are going to be normal and specular mapping a lot of the objects in the game.  Clay Sparks has been working on our robot designs some more; he has re-done the color textures and made some normal maps for them.  They definitely look sweeter now.  We don't have the normal maps rendering in-game yet, but he whipped up some renders from Max to show how they should look.  These are not exactly how they will look in-game, but we will try to get them looking at least this good.

Here's the big rolling robot, codename Hesh:


Here's the human-sized spider robot, codename Ben:



Here some shots with both robots in the same scene.



We are still working on the big robot.


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